Device Integration Guide for Atlas Users

View Atlas's Validic instructions for a more detailed breakdown of these steps:

For the provider

  1. Navigate to the patient's chart.

  2. Click the "Vitals and Stats" sidebar button. Find the box labeled "Validic integration" and press the plus sign in the upper right corner. Send the invitation to the patient's desired email address.

  3. Instruct the patient to follow the instructions below.

  4. Once they've completed the authorization process, you'll receive a confirmation email. Atlas will start syncing their information within 24 hours.

For the patient

  1. You should receive an email from Validic with an authorization link. Open that link, then click the "Connect with Validic" button.

  2. You should see a list of "apps". These are the various accounts you can give your physician access to. Click the "Connect+" button for the manufacturer of your device (iHealth, Withings, Omron, etc).

  3. Sign into with the relevant account with your email and password. Confirm the authorization.

  4. You should see a confirmation that the authorization succeeded.